For Designers

This is your PSD file.

The design is approved, now it needs to be implemented. Time to start flattening layers, chopping pngs, adjusting sizes...

Let FERRY convert it for you.

Choose a destination

Tell FERRY where you want your assets to be exported to. If you are working on an iOS project let it know what resolution you want the assets at.

Watch it do its magic

FERRY will convert the layers into production ready assets and will create an XML file with all the structure information.

Ready for developers

For Developers


Import FERRYDocker

Add the exported assets, add the header to your app, write one line of code and...

Run the project

Voila. From photoshop to your iPhone in minutes

FERRYDocker will generate the code to recreate UIButtons, UITableViews and UIViews. All you need to do is focus on coding the logic. Reference the objects using the original layer’s names and you are ready to go. And if the design changes, just import the new assets and run it again.